Decorative Perforated Metal

Decorative Perforated Metal Made of metal plates perforated with various designs with good permeability and decorative effects. Mainly used for decoration of doors and windows, panels, elevator cabinets, stand, shelf; can be used as sound absorption wall materials for the ceiling and walls in building; also used as exquisite decorative sheets for building staircases, balconies, and environmental friendly office furniture.

Materials: Stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, hot and cold steel plate, copper plate

Hole Size: 0.1mm-100mm 

Thickness: 0.1mm- 8.0mm 

Width: 0.1-1.5m 

Length: 4m

Features: Light weight, natural metal shine, beautiful design. 

Opening Pattern: Rectangle, square, round, triangular, hexagonal, blossom, and many other special patterns according to customer needs.